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    Conversation tools Maximum conversations and Last read date

    I suggest adding these features; Maximum number of conversations Limit the number of conversations a user can store Last read date Add an option under /account/privacy to allow user to hide last read date Permission to bypass it If the user marked the conversation as unread, the last read...
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    Admin tools Usergroup/node limit per reaction

    XF native reactions missing usergroup/node limit per reaction, these limits should be defaulted to allow all usergroups/nodes as screenshot below. And usergroup permission that allows deleting reactions from the reacted content in the front-end.
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    You should put this code in extra.less then change visitor_panel to your widget key. If your visitor panel widget key is widget_visitor_panel, use the code below. [data-widget-key="widget_visitor_panel"] { .contentRow-minor { .pairs.pairs--justified.fauxBlockLink {...
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    You must change visitor_panel to your widget key. [data-widget-key="visitor_panel"] { .contentRow-minor { .pairs.pairs--justified.fauxBlockLink { > dt:before { .m-faBase(); margin-right: 6px; }...
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    Add the below code to extra.less. You have to customize the code if you don't have Solutions enabled. .message-userExtras { display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; .pairs.pairs--justified { &:nth-child(2), &:nth-child(4), &:nth-child(5) {...
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    So you want to change the style of user info elements just like the screenshot below?
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    Admin tools Two permissions and registration limit per IP

    I suggest adding these permissions Create polls Time limit on editing own thread title (minutes) And an option to limit total allowed registration per IP. It will get the data from the xf_ip table where the action is 'register'. The user who tries to register another account using the same...
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    Implemented Change permission minimum number of threads to reply

    Please change it to Minimum number of threads to reply threads by others because it prevents the user from replying to own threads.
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    Admin tools Batch update warnings

    It would be a great addition to add batch update warnings like the screenshot below, I have 5,520 warnings without an expiry date, it will also be useful in case you changed the option of points expiry and you want to edit existing users' warnings to match your new setting. Title option to...
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    Thread Count [Widget] Top thread creators last X days

    As the title says.
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    Thread Count [User Criteria] Threads in specific forums

    I suggest adding user criteria for counting threads created in specific forums. User has at least X threads in the selected forums User has no more than X threads in the selected forums
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    Conversation tools Can't find all conversations in the last X hours

    Yes, I missed this option.
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    Conversation tools Can't find all conversations in the last X hours

    When clicking the title Conversation monitor, it redirects me to another page that displays the latest 5 conversations only.
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    Implemented Permission to view all user conversations

    Sounds good, thanks!
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    Implemented Moderate new users threads/replies

    I suggest improving the moderate option in node settings to limit it only for users who registered for no more than X days.
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    Implemented List all warnings

    I suggest adding a list of all issued warnings. Delete option for each warning Batch update (delete) user warnings Sort by; User name Warning Date Points Expiry Filter
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    Roles User groups title

    I agree, but we have the user title ladder enabled for the registered user group only and use the legend widget to display all user groups. Since it is limited to displaying user groups that have user title ladder disabled, the registered user group doesn't show up in the legend widget.