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    Thread Count [Widget] Top thread creators last X days

    As the title says.
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    Thread Count [User Criteria] Threads in specific forums

    I suggest adding user criteria for counting threads created in specific forums. User has at least X threads in the selected forums User has no more than X threads in the selected forums
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    Conversation tools Can't find all conversations in the last X hours

    When clicking the title Conversation monitor, it redirects me to another page that displays the latest 5 conversations only.
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    Admin tools Moderate new users threads/replies

    I suggest improving the moderate option in node settings to limit it only for users who registered for no more than X days.
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    Admin tools List all warnings

    I suggest adding a list of all issued warnings. Delete option for each warning Batch update (delete) user warnings Sort by; User name Warning Date Points Expiry Filter
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    Roles User groups title

    I must set user title for all selected user groups, otherwise it will not be displayed in the widget.
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    Roles Sort by user group ID

    This option should depend on Display styling priority not Group ID.
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    Conversation tools Permission to view all user conversations

    I suggest adding new permission to allow viewing all user conversations (sent and received) in the front-end, it would be much easier than using the conversation browser in AdminCP. Phrase change: Find all conversations by {name} -> Find {name}'s conversations
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    Fixed Conversations don't show up in AdminCP

    Even when searching for conversations that contain a specific word.
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    Not a bug Received conversations are ignored

    Find all user conversations is limited to conversations started by the user and ignores received conversations.
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    Thread Count Display the number of user threads

    It would be great if you create an add-on to display the number of user threads in the front-end, node permissions depending on user credits count, and user criteria for account promotion. This add-on will require a new column in the xf_user table to store threads count for each user. Add-on...
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    Not a bug Template error: Macro public:thread_list_macros:userItem is unknown

    I got many errors like in the screenshot.
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    Fixed Quick Message overlay style issue

    Here's a screenshot shows the issue. Fixed when disabling margins for block-container.
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    Allow users to moderate content based on score

    I would suggest an add-on allow members to lock threads or moderate posts after a certain number of unique clicks on a button. This add-on is needed for forums that contain download links. Members can use it for fighting spammers if there is no staff member online. The lock/moderate score...
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    Collapse banned user posts

    I would suggest an add-on for collapsing banned user posts, it's similar to deleted posts. Add-on features Node permission Usergroup permission Can see ban reason Can see who gave the ban
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    Admin tools Message/Alert multiple users

    By default, XF allows entering only one username. Entering multiple users separated by a comma will help to message or alert multiple users that aren't in the same user group.
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    Conversation tools Conversation Tools

    It would be nice if you import the XF 1 version of this add-on to XF 2.