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    Upgraded to XF 2.1.8 Patch 1

    Upgraded the forum to 2.1.8 Patch 1, and the RM to 2.1.6, and good to report that there are no known issues with our add-ons.
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    Thread Count [Paid]

    Lawrence submitted a new resource: Thread Count - Displays the number of threads started by members, and adds four permissions based on thread counts. Read more about this resource...
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    A message posted in this forum

    Those with a thread count of at least one can view this forum and it's messages, and as well create a thread and make replies to other threads here. The unregistered group is set to view this forum for demonstration purposes only.
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    History [Paid]

    Lawrence submitted a new resource: History - Records forum milestones, and admins can add past and current events that have shaped their forum. Read more about this resource...
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    Alpha 1 of the history add-on is installed on this site for testing and demoing, found here: history A couple of issues to look into: Firefox does not display the upcoming milestones correctly. All other browsers do including Edge and Safari. Fixed. attachments are not displayed to the...
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    Happy Holidays

    I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020. Thank you for being a member of this site, and for your support, it is well appreciated. Lawrence
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    Fixed Conversation Tools v1.1 PHP 7.4 Compatibility Issue

    ErrorException: [E_NOTICE] Trying to access array offset on value of type null The attached file fixes this issue. Unzip and upload the contents of the upload directory as normal. There will be a file health check warning after the upload, but it can be ignored until v1.2 is released, which...
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    Contacts v1.1

    I updated the contacts add-on for this site to v1.1. A couple of features: add/remove a contact from a members profile (page and overlay) and added an option to forum nodes to make a forum a contacts only forum. There are other changes, and bug fixes which will be listed in more detail when the...
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    Contacts only demo thread

    Only members with at least one valid contact list can start a thread in this forum. Members of the selected contact list can reply to the thread.
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    Quick Message [Paid]

    Lawrence submitted a new resource: Quick Message - Allow your members to send a quick message to another member. Read more about this resource...
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    Quick Message

    The quick message add-on has just been installed on this site. Members can send a quick message to any other member if their privacy setting allows. Quick messages can be no longer than 255 characters. Conversations is a great feature, but sometimes you may just want to fire off a quick message...
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    Fixed Thread Participants non object error

    Cannot call method canViewParticipants on a non-object (string) was thrown when viewing the what's new page. Fixed. A new release will be ready to go later today (Oct 2).
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    Thread Participants [Paid]

    Lawrence submitted a new resource: Thread Participants - View who has participated in a thread, view their posts,and post count. Read more about this resource...
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    Admin Tools [Paid]

    Lawrence submitted a new resource: Admin Tools - Added features and conveniences for administrators, and as well two new permissions. Read more about this resource...
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    Fixed Ignored stats filter bug

    When using the filter in the Admin CP, the type selected was not carried over when typing in the filter box, causing the type to be set back to it's default of ignoring when the type was set to ignored by. Fixed in v1.1.1.
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    Contacts demo

    A demo of the contacts add-on. In this case only one contact was used, but you can have many more depending on the permission set. Only members of this contact list can reply to this thread.
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    Contacts [Paid]

    Lawrence submitted a new resource: Contacts - Allow members to create and maintain contact lists Read more about this resource...
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    Fixed Conversation tools delete error bug

    LogicException error when deleting a conversation. Fixed (a typo on my part).
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    Conversation Tools [Paid]

    Lawrence submitted a new resource: Conversation Tools - Administrators can view and delete user conversations and batch prune conversations within the Admin Read more about this resource...
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    Fixed Selected menu item not highlighted

    When you select a menu option to be displayed for Ignored Statistics, the option selected was not highlighted. Fixed for the next release.