Thread Participants

Thread Participants 1.2.1

No permission to buy (CA$9.95)
  • fixed a bug that would not allow admin to set the permission to view members viewing a thread without having the view participants permission set to yes.
Bug fixes:
  • nil

  • added a new style property to allow changing the fa-icon size, color, and weight.
  • added a new permission group, and moved the view thread participants permission from forum permissions to the new [EAE] Thread participants permissions group.
  • added a new permission to view participants posts. With this added permission, members can be set to view who participated in the thread but not view their number of posts or list of all their posts made.
  • members with the permission can now view members viewing a thread. On install this feature is defaulted to 0 (off), this can be changed by increasing the Maximum viewers to display from 0 to a higher value in the options (turning this on, will increase the query count on thread view by one). As the Participants list is defaulted to display avatars above thread view, a list of viewers is defaulted to display user names below thread view.
  • added two new style properties; one to change the viewer's fa-icon size, color, and weight, and the other to style the viewer's block.
  • added options for members viewing a thread (similar to the thread participants options).
  • changed the fa-icons tile from an option to a phrase: eae_tptip_participants_icon_title, defaulted to Participants, and eae_tptip_viewers_icon_title, defaulted to Viewing thread.
Note: When viewing a list of members viewing a thread, this add-on respects the users privacy settings. If they do not have Show your current activity checked they will only be listed for those that have the bypass users privacy permission.

  • streamlined the participants macro template.

Screen shots:


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Bug fixes:
- added noindex to the thread participant template.
- added rel="nofollow" to the post count and participants links.

- added an option to display a notice when viewing all posts by a participant, see ss. Defaulted to display the notice.


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Fixed a non-object error that was thrown on the What's new page.