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Thread Count 1.2

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added the option to use an fa-icon in lieu of the phrase thread for the visitor panel, profile page, message user info block (post bit) and member list page.


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Changed the Minimum number of threads to reply permission behaviour (and renamed it to Minimum number of threads to reply to threads by others), as it originally prevented members from replying to their own threads, if their thread count was below the threshold.
  • moving a moderated thread to a forum that does not increase a members message count would result in decreasing the members thread count. Fixed
  • moving a moderated thread from a forum that does not increase a members message count to one that does would result in increasing the members thread count by 1. Fixed
Thanks to @Nirjonadda for reporting.
  • added a thread count index to the xf_user table
  • a members thread count is now displayed on the members list page
New features:
  • admins can now adjust a users thread count from the edit user page.
  • messages are now displayed to a member displaying the total number of threads left for them to create to make a reply in a forum, view others threads, and create their own thread in the forum. Supports multiple messages if required, see screen shots.
  • re-ordered the permissions to display them in a more meaningful way.
  • re-worded the message user info elements style property for displaying thread counts to Total threads.
Screen shots: