Quick Message

Quick Message 1.1.1

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Fixed a bug that would throw an error when $user was set to null.

Thanks to @gerryvz for reporting this error.
  • Added an option to use the fa-icon or text for the quick message link when viewing a members profile. Defaulted to fa-icon.
  • Added an option to add the quick message link to the message user info column. Choose between fa-icon or text. Defaulted to fa-icon.
  • Added an option to select which fa-icon to use for the profile page and message user info block (postbit) to match your site's niche and style. Examples: fa-bolt (lightening bolt), or fa-horse. Defaulted to fa-paper-plane.
  • Added an option to change what text to use for the link in the profile page and message user info block, defaulted to 'Quick message'. Examples: 'Send message', or just 'Message'.
  • Added a style properties group to allow styling of the link and it's container in the message user info block, and set where it should display (above message user elements, below message user elements, or not to display). Appearance->Styles->Style properties->[EAE] Quick message.
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