Ignored Statistics

Ignored Statistics 1.2

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- added a new permission to limit the number of users a member may ignore. General permissions -> [EAE] Maximum ignored members. Defaulted to 5 for registered members and unlimited for administrative and moderating user groups on install. If you do not want to use this feature set the registered group value for this permission to unlimited.

If a member is ignoring more than the permission allows, he/she can not ignore anyone else until they unignore enough members to be able to ignore another. A warning message appears if they try to ignore more than the permission allows.

Note, that although this permission can be set to allow a member to ignore thousands of members, the maximum they can ignore is hard coded at 1000 by Xenforo. This add-on does not override that value.

  • discovered two methods in the repository that should have used finders, they now do.
  • made minor naming changes so that this add-on is inline with other [EAE] add-ons.
If an ignoring member was valid and then became invalid due to awaiting email change confirmation, a non-object error would be thrown. And, if an ignored user went from valid to invalid due to awaiting email change confirmation the pagination would be off. Fixed.
Bug fix:
- fixed a bug when using the filter in the Admin CP, the type selected was not carried over when typing in the filter box.

- re-wrote how many users a member is ignoring in the AdminCP side that saves one query.
Moderators can now view ignore stats from the front end.
Members->Ignore Statistics
  • Moderators with the permission can view the top 20 ignored members statistic and top 20 members ignoring the most statistic
  • Moderators may now search ignore statistics by member or members
  • Clicking the number on the right will bring up an overlay that lists the members a user may be ignoring, or a list of members ignoring a specific user
Groups & permissions->User group permissions->General moderator permissions->EAE View ignored statistics
Set to allow on installation/upgrade if a usergroup has the forum moderator permission Use inline moderation on threads / posts

Maintenance update:
  • Renamed admin templates to be in line with my other add-ons
  • Fixed an erroneous bug that may or may not have appeared (depending on circumstance) that would have caused an unnecessary query
New screenshots:
Maintenance update and bug fix.

Fixed a bug that prevented the ignored stats selected menu item from highlighting in the AdminCP