Ignored Statistics

Ignored Statistics 1.1.2

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If an ignoring member was valid and then became invalid due to awaiting email change confirmation, a non-object error would be thrown. And, if an ignored user went from valid to invalid due to awaiting email change confirmation the pagination would be off. Fixed.
Bug fix:
- fixed a bug when using the filter in the Admin CP, the type selected was not carried over when typing in the filter box.

- re-wrote how many users a member is ignoring in the AdminCP side that saves one query.
Moderators can now view ignore stats from the front end.
Members->Ignore Statistics
  • Moderators with the permission can view the top 20 ignored members statistic and top 20 members ignoring the most statistic
  • Moderators may now search ignore statistics by member or members
  • Clicking the number on the right will bring up an overlay that lists the members a user may be ignoring, or a list of members ignoring a specific user
Groups & permissions->User group permissions->General moderator permissions->EAE View ignored statistics
Set to allow on installation/upgrade if a usergroup has the forum moderator permission Use inline moderation on threads / posts

Maintenance update:
  • Renamed admin templates to be in line with my other add-ons
  • Fixed an erroneous bug that may or may not have appeared (depending on circumstance) that would have caused an unnecessary query
New screenshots:
Maintenance update and bug fix.

Fixed a bug that prevented the ignored stats selected menu item from highlighting in the AdminCP