History 1.1.1

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added phrases for short month names to allow translations.
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New features
  • milestones can now be back-filled. AdminCP -> [EAE] History -> Milestone types. When you add each type, it's markers will be checked from 0 to the current count, and each marker that has been surpassed will now be recorded. Note: upgrading to v1.1 will automatically remove all recorded milestones (events are not removed) and you will need to re-add each milestone type you want to keep record of
  • widget. Added a widget that can display upcoming milestones, or recently recorded events/milestones. If you select the option in the widget to display upcoming milestones, hovering over the count will display the remaining number. See screenshots
  • snippet length. AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> [EAE] History. The snippet length is used by the widget when it is set to display recently recorded events/milestones. Defaulted to 70 characters (maximum is set to 255 characters)
  • adjusted the cron entry that checks for new milestone markers to run every 4 hours instead of every six hours
  • adjusted the update history statistics cron to run every 15 minutes instead of ten


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  • changed the route for the add-on from history to site-history to prevent possible conflicts with similar installed add-ons.
  • changed title and navigation tab from History to Site History.
  • renamed a permission.
If upgrading, after uploading the files you may see a non-callable error in your server error log. This is due to the renaming of a permission. After upgrading, there will be no further errors.