Highlight Groups

Highlight Groups 1.5

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  • added widget option to display members under the user group that they are a member of. Includes an option to display their online status (respects their user privacy settings).
  • added two new style properties that control the look of of the user group name and online status indicator for the Grouped widget setting.

  • changed the members online template modification to remove the staff online link if Replace staff online link is selected and a viewing member does not have the permission to view highlighted groups or if no groups were selected to be highlighted.
  • the title set in the options is now used in the members block links sidebar menu.

Screen shots:
Added an option to display groups with no members with the standard no users match the specified criteria message when viewing all groups on one page, or to not display the group. See Screen shot.

Changed the requirements to XF 2.1+, PHP 7.2+

New in v1.3:
  • added an option to allow highlighted user groups to be sorted by user group title, user group id, or by the display styling priority setting.
  • added an option to select the direction of the sort: ascending or descending.
  • added an option to replace the staff online link in the sidebar widget to point to the highlight groups page (only for those who has the permission to view the page).


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New in 1.2:

- added an option to display members of all selected highlighted groups on one page.

- added a highlight groups link to the members tab. If you do not want the link displayed, just turn if off on the adminCP->Setup->Public navigation page. Also if you want to change the link title, edit the phrase nav.eaeHighlighted: adminCP->Appearance->Phrases->Add-on EAE Highlight Groups

Dropped support for php 5.6 (this update runs fine on 5.6).

New Option

- added an option for the widget to display only members of selected groups that are online
respects user online privacy setting for the user name list and avatar heap​
if 'avatar' is selected to be displayed, members that can bypass users online privacy settings will see a faded avatar for a​
member that is invisible (opacity set to .5)​

Maintenance Release

- changed non widget phrase title prefixes to eae_hlg_ from eae_highlight_groups_
- changed all widget phrase title prefixes to widget.eae_hlg_