Highlight Groups

Highlight Groups 1.3

No permission to buy (CA$5.95)
This add-on displays members of selected user groups on a sidebar and on its own page under the members tab.


Purchasing this add-on entitles you to one installation on your live site and one installation on a password protected test site. This add-on can not be repackaged or redistributed in any form.

- PHP 7.2+
- XenForo 2.0+

See updates for further features and screen shots.

Options->EAE Highlight Groups:

General Options:

- select the user groups to be highlighted
- include primary user group (for users that may not have their primary user group set to registered)

Page Options:

- set a title to over-ride the default title
- add a description for the selected user groups (see SS)
- turn on/off pagination

Widget Options:

- select how many members to display
- members can be displayed randomly or by last activity time
- display members as an avatar heap, or listed by user name
- you may also supply a title for the widget that will over-ride the default title


general->EAE View highlighted groups
- defaulted on installation to use the view member lists permission value


- begin with eae_hlg

Screen shots:

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Latest updates

  1. New options

    New in v1.3: added an option to allow highlighted user groups to be sorted by user group title...
  2. New features

    New in 1.2: - added an option to display members of all selected highlighted groups on one...
  3. New option added plus maintenance update

    New Option - added an option for the widget to display only members of selected groups that are...