Conversation Tools

Conversation Tools 1.1

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Bug fix:
  • fixed a bug when searching for a conversation by a deleted member from the adminCP that threw a non-object error

Delete own conversation

  • the conversation starter can now delete a conversation when viewing it
  • there is a time limit, in minutes, to delete a conversation
Limit the number of conversations started within a shifting 24 hour period
  • session based, to save a query on most pages, and two queries on the conversation list page. Only query is on session create
  • as it is session based and the admin changes how many conversations can be started, the changes will not take place until the session has expired
  • an optional, but recommended, message is displayed when the member can no longer start a conversation. The admin can replace this message with a custom one. For example: 'to start more conversations consider becoming a premium member'
  • if a member can start, for example, 3 conversations in a 24 hour period and they started three conversations and then deleted them (if they have the permission), they will not be able to start another conversation until their session expires
View member's conversations
  • permission based, defaulted to allow for administrators
  • added as a tool for moderators to use when a new member joins and then is seen as being in a conversation. This is useful to see if the new member is spamming or soliciting other members.
  • this feature only allows the viewing of a conversation, no interaction can be done with the conversation
  • to access this feature: select a members profile, click the find button, then click find all conversations by xxxxxx. The link will take you to your inbox and list all of their started conversations (paginated)
  • when done viewing a conversation use the breadcrumb conversation to return back to the list of the member's conversations
  • if files are attached in a conversation you are viewing downloading it will not increase the view count
  • administrators can not view other administrators conversations (by design)
  • moderators can not view other moderators or administrators conversations
Blind carbon copy recipients
  • the conversation starter can choose to bcc up to x recipients. Bcc recipients does not count toward the maximum number of recipients the starter can invite
  • Administrators (or moderators with the permission) that is part of the conversation can bcc more into the conversation
  • the conversation starter may choose to bcc recipients after the conversation has been started
  • the conversation starter, administrators (and moderators with the permission) will always see all bcc participants. Bcc recipients can only see their own name in the bcc participants list
  • a conversation starter can choose to start a conversation with just bcc recipients (no normal recipients required)
  • bcc members are alerted to notify that they been added as a bcc recipient in the conversation
  • bcc recipients can reply to the conversation if they choose, under normal circumstances they most likely wouldn't as as bcc'ing a member is done for informative reasons only
  • admins can set the option of who can be blind carbon copied, the options are: anyone, administrators, or administrators and moderators

EAE Conversation tools permissions:

  • delete own started conversations (only when viewing a conversation), defaulted to edit any message permission on install
  • time limit to delete own conversations (minutes), defaulted to unlimited for those with edit any message permission
  • maximum started conversations per 24 hrs (session based), defaulted to unlimited for those that can start a conversation
  • can use blind carbon copy, set to allow for those that can start a conversation
Conversation moderator permissions:

  • EAE Always invite blind carbon copy participants to conversations (defaulted to allow for admins)
  • EAE Can view all blind carbon copied recipients (defaulted to allow for admins)
  • EAE Can view user conversations (defaulted to allow for admins)
Setup->Options->EAE Conversation Tools:
  • display message when member reached their maximum started conversations for the day
  • use custom message set by the admin to be used when displaying a message, over-riding the default message
  • select which members can be blind carbon copied: anyone, administrators, or administrators and moderators
  • setting for maximum number of blind carbon copied recipients, defaulted to 1. Administrators (and moderators with the permission) can always invite more
  • prefixed with eae_cvstt
Template modifications:
  • this add-on adds 10 template modifications, with conversation_view having the most with four
  • regular expressions are used where possible, however; simple replacements are also used
Database changes:
  • altered xf_conversation_recipient to add column eaecvstt_bcc
  • uninstalling this add-on will make all blind carbon copied recipients normal recipients

Fixed a bug that sometimes appears when deleting a conversation. Thanks @maszd for reporting this.
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