Contacts 1.1

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Bug fixes:
  • fixed a php 5.6 compatibility bug.
  • fixed an undefined index error when saving an edited thread from the thread list page.

  • changed the minimum php version to 7.2.
  • changed the status' icon to use fa-id-card, to better represent contacts only.
  • changed the thread view icon to fa-id-card and the title and screen reader phrase to invited participants, to make the list of who can participate clearer.
  • removed two redundant phrases.
  • made style changes to the contacts overlay when choosing to start a conversation with members from a contact list.
  • Added an option to use the id-card fa-icon or the phrase plus minus contact for the add remove contact link when viewing a members profile.

Features added:
  • contacts can now be added or removed from the members profile page and the member overlay. You may select to add or remove the member from any contact list.
  • added an option to clear contacts from the conversation recipients field and remove the contact list name from the conversation page title if the conversation starter decided to not use contacts from a contact list. This was added for convenience.
  • added an option to nodes to set a forum as a contact list only forum. Only members with a valid contact list can start threads in the contacts only forum. Only the thread starters contacts from the chosen list can reply to the thread.

Additional screen shots: