Bumper 1.1.1

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Fixed a bug that may throw a server error with respect to rss under certain circumstances.
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  • added a Unit option for the Time limit for re-bumping content option. Possible choices are Minutes, Hours, and Days. Defaulted to Hours on install/upgrade
  • added the option Count re-bumps against a members total bumps per day. This should only be selected if the permission Bump xxxx content by others is set to 'No'
  • added the option Display members remaining bump count when viewing a forum. If checked, the members' remaining bump count will be displayed above the list of threads. This will cause one additional query for forum view. Defaulted to not checked
  • added the option Display members remaining bump count when viewing a thread. Defaulted to checked
  • added permission Bump locked threads. Default to No on install/upgrade
  • added permission A thread can be bumped this many times per day. Set to 1 to disable multi-bumping of threads
  • added permission Maximum times a thread can be bumped in it's lifetime. Once a thread has this many bumps, it can never be bumped again unless a member has a higher amount set by another user group (node->user group)
Permission changes
  • removed permission Multi-bump threads. It has been replaced by a numerical permission: A thread can be bumped this many times per day. Set to a value higher than 1 to allow multi-bumping
  • renamed permission Number of threads that a member can bump per day to Thread bumps per day (this is still for the member)
  • renamed permission Can bypass re-bump active minutes setting to Can bypass time limit to re-bump content
  • Bumper now utilizes two permission interface groups: [EAE] Bumper general permissions and [EAE] Bumper forum permissions. The new interface groups have been moved towards the bottom of the permissions page
Cron changes
  • changed cron entry [EAE] Expire bumps to run from every hour to every 30 minutes
  • added a new cron entry [EAE] Reset bumps. This cron entry runs every 20 minutes to reset total bumps per day to 0 when the first bump of the day is older than 24 hours
Other changes
  • added feedback on thread view page. The feedback displays to the member a threads maximum lifetime bumps, bumps to date, and when the thread can be bumped again. If the thread can be bumped, the date is not shown (the bump button is displayed)
  • when hovering over the bump icon when viewing a forum, the tooltip now displays the bump expiry date instead of the date the thread was bumped
  • added new templates to reduce the size of template modifications
  • cleaned up some code
Updating from 1.0.X to 1.1
  1. upload Bumper v1.1 files as per normal. If you have BumperRM installed, upload BumperRM v1.1 files.
  2. upgrade Bumper to 1.1. If you have BumperRM installed, upgrade BumperRM to 1.1.
  3. go to Options-> [EAE] Bumper and reset Time limit for re-bumping content option (be sure to set the Unit you want to use to). Save.
  4. go to Groups & permissions -> User group permissions, and for the registered group scroll down to Bumper forum permissions and set the numeric permissions that you want to use as default. If you have BumperRM installed, set those as well. Save.
  5. go to Forums -> Node permissions, and for any node that you allow bumps in and you have made changes to the bumper permissions (i.e. not set to Inherent) make those changes for the pertinent user group(s), and save.
- fixed a template issue that prevented bumped media items and albums from displaying, when viewing the bumper statistics in the AdminCP.