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Admin Tools 1.3.4

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Fixed a bug that allowed members that were banned from a thread to reply.

Added a check to prevent thread banned members from quoting a thread if they have the Can use multi-quote when post replies is set to no permission set to Yes.
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Fixed a bug that allowed members to reply to locked threads. Thanks to @Sunka for reporting this.
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Bug fix
  • fixed a bug that prevented multi-quote from working when a member could not reply, if a thread had replies.
Fixed a bug with the quote only permission check, and reply to own threads/others thread logic.
Added Features
  • search forums and forum types can now be cloned
  • added permission to use multi-quote when members can not reply to a thread. This is especially useful where only the thread owner can only reply but others want to comment (e.g. writers forums)
  • added a new option to forum nodes to limit in days how long a members threads and replies are moderated if both or either of those are checked
  • administrators can now view all members warnings from the adminCP (you can also delete/edit them, and sort by various options)
  • re-wrote the clone forum function, it will now clone any and all features/options inserted by other add-ons
  • fixed a spelling typo for a template modification

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New Feature:
Admins can now clone nodes, and as well choose to clone the nodes content moderators and permissions. With respect to forums, forum fields, prefixes, and thread prompts (and their settings) are cloned as well.

For pages, page node html (template), is also cloned.

Before selecting to clone a node, you may also make any changes before saving. Note that you must enter a new title for each node you clone, and URL portions are not cloned (you may enter a new one).

Also made cosmetic changes to clone user groups.

Forum nodes uses template modifications (3) to clone a forum. This is done so that options by other add-ons are cloned too. Page nodes, link forums, and categories uses their own templates, this is done by preference as their template size, IMO, are small and does not warrant adding three template modifications to each.

Screen shots:
Cleaned up some code, and updated an option title to be more clear on what the option is for.

Added Features
  • added an option to allow those awaiting email confirmation and those awaiting email confirmation (from edit) access to the contact form if the use contact form permission for unregistered/unconfirmed group is set to no.
  • added an option to forum nodes to allow/not allow signatures per forum. Defaulted to allow signatures on install. The template modification removes the signature macro from the post macros template if no signatures are allowed, therefore the execution order is set to 99 as to not interfere with any other add-on that looks for the signature macro.
Screen shots