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Apr 6
And we are live!
Our live date. Although we did not go live until April 6, 2019, I set the date back a couple of years for demonstration purposes only. The anniversary milestone will update each time the cron is run (set for 4 times per day), until it catches up to the current year.

Leap year is taken into consideration for the anniversary event when viewing the upcoming milestones. As this year is a leap year, the amount of days to the next anniversary marker is increased by one.
Apr 6
Anniversary milestone
1 year anniversary
Apr 6
Anniversary milestone
2 year anniversary
Feb 6
Member milestone
We have reached 50 members
Feb 6
Post milestone
Our members have posted 100 messages
Feb 6
Thread milestone
Our members have posted 25 threads
Feb 6
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Private event example
This event is set as private. Only those with the permission (normally only admins) can view this entry. The permission is set to Yes for registered and unregistered groups on this site for demonstration purposes only. An fa-icon to the right is displayed to show this is a private entry. The icon can be changed from the options page and it's colour can be set by a style property.

The permissions this add-on has can be viewed in the attachment below.

Feb 11
An example Mention
Feb 4
An entry set into the future
This entry is set to be displayed one year from Feb 04, 2020. Normally only admins can see future events. Future events have their background color defaulted to the color you see now. This can be changed by a style property. Once the current date matches this entry's date the event will show as normal.

Note that the sidebar counts only reflect view-able events. As a future event is not normally view-able until the day arrives the counts will not be updated until then. As for the private events counts, it is only displayed to those with the permission to view private events.

The history add-on supports the resource manager, and Xenforo's media gallery if installed. The media gallery is not installed on this site as to date (I just haven't gotten around to it). If both are installed, the number of resources, albums, and media items will be tracked automatically.